SEO Articles

On and Off Page Optimization

Optimizing a page is all about finding the right balance between content of value and utilizing search engine optimization tools that will by default help your Website rank higher. If SEO efforts overpower the actual content, then your site will be considered as spam, which is undesirable.
On page optimizations are comprised of many factors, such as keyword density, titles, meta tags, headlines, sub headlines, hyperlinks, geographic pages, links between pages, and lastly quality content.
Off page optimization means using other Websites to link to yours, and vice versa. The higher the ranking the Websites you link to and that link to you are, the more traffic you will generate. Having an outside Website link to yours is an endorsement of sorts, a recommendation that your business is valued by another business, which ultimately makes your Website more credible.

Custom Link Building

An efficient way of optimizing the search ranking of a website, and the site pages within it, is the create links that visitors can click to go from page to page within the Website, and also other Websites. Custom link building increases credibility and value of your Website within weeks, making your site more effective, and work for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, also known as social networking, gives the opportunity to get the word out faster about your company or product because of its sharing feature, which enables individuals discuss your product, but have others comment on it, which results in reaching a whole new network of people, helping the word spread on the net. The most common networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube generate the power to make your company, your brand, known worldwide, as the comments, reposts, and retweets, exponentially increase traffic to your Website.
Our team of social media experts utilizes these networking sites to help your company’s promotional tools dominate the Web.

Keyword Statistics and Analysis

We know that your Website needs to show up when searched for, as it otherwise defeats the purpose of online marketing. That is why strong keywords are vital. The stronger the keywords, the higher the Web traffic, and the more visibility your company Website will profit from. Our SEO experts make it a priority to understand your company’s niche and target market by doing thorough analysis of which keywords have weight, and which do not.

SEO Checklist for Website Redesigns:

Creating a Website or redesigning one is not only about usability for visitors and customers. It is also about insuring that search engines, such as Google, are easily and effectively able to absorb the information, links, keywords, etc, to better evaluate your Website.

1. Baseline Reports
Start by evaluating the current status of your website, its ranking and other statistics, to then compare ranking and statistics once updates and improvements are made. The following reports are recommended:
-top search rankings
-top search traffic sources
-current search traffic levels
-link connectivity
-pages indexed in Google
2. Information Transfer
When redesigning a Website, old site pages must be replaced by new site pages. It is advised to create a spreadsheet to keep track of the transferring of the previous URLs to the new URLs.

3. Navigation Optimization
Content links should be preserved when creating a new Website, as this means the internal linking infrastructure is also new.

4. Page Titles and Meta Data
To preserve high ranking, utilize old titles and meta descriptions in the new Website pages, meanwhile also improving the content of in your new Website for better navigation usability.

5. External Links
Your new URL structure means that your off page optimization will need to also be updated. All sites linked to yours will need to incorporate your new URLs, to best optimize your Website. This will also affect your listing in directories; therefore the data must all be updated.

6. Google Webmaster Tools
Google gives free pointers on how to best rank. To take advantage of this, submit an updated site map to Google Webmaster Tools, and this will give your site a chance to increase in rank organically.

7. Quality Control
Look over your new Website with the http header check function, which you can find in Google. This function will verify that your old URLs are redirecting properly. Then, it is time to review your report results to monitor improvements and make sure the transition was a success.